Turmeric. What’s all the fuss over this golden colored herb? Grown in forests in Southern Asia, this herb is something you want to have on hand for home remedies.
This herb can be used in many dishes, from vegetables to meat dishes. Cook with it often. It can be drunk as a tea. Add one teaspoon of turmeric to four cups of boiling water and simmer for ten minutes. Strain the tea and add honey or lemon if you wish. Health food stores also sell turmeric supplements. 

Here are some health benefits:

Antiseptic and antibacterial

This herb speeds up wound healing and has been found effective in ear aches. Using the old fashioned recipe of warmed garlic oil with a little turmeric heals the ear. 

Anti cancer

In trials it has halted the spread of breast, prostate, blood and skin cancer. This herb also boosts the performance of some chemo drugs and alleviates side effects.

Natural detoxifier and anti-inflammatory agent

Turmeric halts progression of Alzheimer’s, helps with arthritis, calms down psoriasis, and alleviates sprains. Use one part salt to two parts turmeric and enough water to make it easy to apply. Apply to the affected joint and wrap. Leave it on for one hour. Alternatively, one could take turmeric supplements. 

Improves digestion

This herb enhances the ability of the gallbladder. It alleviates things such as gas and bloating. 

Tooth whitener

Simple sprinkle on your toothpaste before brushing and watch its whitening magic. Here’s a turmeric toothpaste recipe: 1/4 teaspoon turmeric to 1/8 teaspoon of coconut oil. Brush as normal but instead of spitting, allow the mixture to sit on your teeth for five minutes. Then brush with your normal toothpaste/powder.

Gets rid of dandruff

Mix up some olive oil and turmeric and rub on your scalp. Allow to soak in for 15 minutes then wash as usual. 


Serve someone dealing with pain some warm turmeric tea or milk and the antiseptic and antibiotic properties will lessen their pain. 

Respiratory ailments

If you feel the early effects of a cold entering your body, immediately make some turmeric tea. The turmeric will help the body fight off the virus and prevent it from getting worse. Also, you can make a honey mixture. Take 3-4 ounces of raw local honey and mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric. Take 1/2 teaspoon every half hour the first day you feel sick. If you continue to feel sick on day two, take every two hours.  

Turmeric is a must have for home remedies. It is so versatile, one can use it in cooking or on an injury or illness. Add this little gem to your home remedy cabinet.


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