Metabolism Boosters

People looking to live more healthy and wanting to lose weight generally don’t resort to crash diets. They are looking for something more sustainable and healthy, a change in lifestyle. The list of foods here are metabolism boosters. 

Before we delve into the list of foods that boost your metabolism, it is helpful to know what foods hamper your metabolism. If you are trying to lose weight, you should eliminate or reduce sweets of all kinds, processed foods, foods high in carbohydrates (such as processed breads, pastas, grains), most dairy, and fried foods. You know those foods that just make you feel “blah” after eating them? Avoid those! Also, be sure to drink enough purified water throughout the day and get enough sleep at night. Moderate daily exercise is also not only good for your health, it is great for your metabolism. 

Metabolism Boosting Foods:

Garlic. Garlic contains glutathione, which is an important antioxidant, helping to cleanse the liver. It also has components in it that raise the good cholesterol in your body. Mash some garlic into your olive oil and spread over some sautéed veggies. 

Ginger. Ginger boosts metabolism and aids in digestion. Sprinkle some ginger over veggies when you stir-fry. 

Black pepper. Use black pepper in place of salt and see your metabolism speed up. Black pepper contains the alkaloid piperine which is the component that aids in metabolism. 

Chili peppers. These little hot peppers contain capsaicin, known to raise your body temperature, thus increasing your metabolism. Add some to sautéed peppers and onions. 

Green tea. Studies have shown that green tea promotes fat oxidation and is believed to prevent insulin issues and obesity. Drink green tea instead of coffee.

Berries. They contain anthocyanins, which help in eye health, along with stopping fat cells from getting large. They reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar, and help with insulin resistance. Add berries to some plain Greek yogurt. 

Broccoli or other cruciferous vegetables. These veggies are a great source of fiber, helping you feel full. Blanch these veggies and don’t over cook them or they will lose their nutritional value. 

Whole grains. This does not mean refined carbs like white bread. Whole oats or barley have a great nutritional value while making you feel full. Whole grains like oatmeal or dense breads like Ezekiel are better for you and keep your blood sugar stable. 

Greek yogurt. A cup of plain Greek yogurt with no added sugar and a dash of lemon with some berries will help you feel satisfied and boost your metabolism. 

Oolong tea. This tea contains polyphenols that boost the metabolism. This tea also contains less caffeine that black tea or coffee. 

This is just a brief list of metabolism boosting foods. Try incorporating just a few and take into consideration which foods are metabolism drainers when you start your day.


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