Homemade Holiday Gifts

November is right around the corner and in just a few weeks the hustle and bustle of the holidays will be here. Creating some simply natural holiday gifts can save you money and can be great for the environment. Giving these gifts can be a joyful experience as well, your recipient will love them. 

Sugar Scrub

Who doesn’t love something they can do for self care? Sugar can be so good for your skin. Find a small mason jar and add these ingredients:

1/2 cup of organic sugar

1/2 cup of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil

1 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix these ingredients together in the mason jar, tie on a beautiful ribbon, and tag.

Bath Tea Bags

Soaking in a bath with a herbal mixture can be so relaxing and relieving. Mixing the herbs and putting them in a tea bag is less messy than just throwing the herbs into the tub. Purchase some fill-able tea bags and add your own mixture of the following ideas:


Rose petals

Epsom salts

Himalayan sea salt


Other herbs

Fill the tea bag. Fold over several times. Staple the tea bag with one staple. Add the tea bag to a warm bath.

Granola mixture

In a quart mason jar with a beautiful tag, add the following:

1 cup granola

1/4 cup almonds slivered*

1/4 cup shredded coconut

1/2 cup dried fruit

1/4 cup walnuts*

*be careful of nut allergies

Herb Infused Oil

Fill jar 1/2 full with the herbs you want to infuse. Cover completely with olive oil and stir. Place wax paper over mouth of jar and then secure lid. Place the jar in a saucepan 1/4 full of water and simmer on low for 4-8 hours. Remove the jar, strain the herbs out, place in a new jar and label. 

Lavender (or any other herb) Honey

This gourmet honey can be used in any way you like to use honey. Take 1/2 tablespoon lavender (or another herb you love that is culinary grade) for every 1/2 cup of honey. Heat honey slowly and add in lavender. Once the honey is heated well, pour into bowl and sit at room temperature for 24 hours. After a day, heat again to a simmer. Remove for honey from heat and strain the lavender out. Store in fridge for several months. Package this in a beautiful jar and bowl.

Epsom Salt Luminaries

These luminaries are beautiful and give a feeling of a frosty winter.


Recycled jars

White acrylic paint

White craft glue

Epsom salts

Clear spray varnish

Pour paint into the inside of the jar and swish around. Allow the inside to dry. Coat the outside of the jar in white craft clue. Roll the jar in Epsom salts. Let the jar dry and spray a coat of clear varnish. Add a beautiful tea light.

Natural Car Air Freshener

Cut out a simple shape from wool felt. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Punch a hole in the top of your shape and hang. These air fresheners are non-toxic, unlike the ones you buy from stores!

Bath Crayons

For the kids in your life, they will enjoy these. Coloring in the bath tub is one of the most favorite things kids can do. You will need:

Block of glycerin soap

Food coloring

Glass measuring cup

Soap molds

Cut out the cubes of the block soap. Place two cubes in a glass measuring cup in a double boiler or microwave and melt. Once melted add a few drops of natural food coloring. Make sure the colors are vibrant or they won’t work well. Pour into mold and let set. Once set, pop them out, and use them in the bath.

These simple handmade natural gifts will certainly be welcomed. All you need is a few ingredients, some simple materials, and imagination. Going gently on your pocketbook and Mother Earth is good for everyone!


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