Creating Calm

Reflecting on the new year can give us pause with regards to what has worked in the past year and what has not. What things caused you to get stuck? Where do you see your life working well? What can be done with regards to those sticking points? Clearing out the clutter in all areas of your life can invoke the calm that you need.

Eat clean foods that are unprocessed. Shop the perimeter of the store and try to avoid the inner aisles full of prepackaged food. Fresh fruits and vegetables along with healthy proteins and fats will give your body the energy it needs. Everything is energy. Unprocessed foods vibrate higher and are better for your body.

When you walk into your home do you feel a sense of calm? Or do you feel overwhelmed with the clutter that bombards you? If this is a problem area, think about decluttering your space. Investigate the Konmari method of organization. In essence, everything should have a place and everything you own should bring you joy. Joy is a feeling we should have in a space we live in.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, are you maintaining your health? Are you keeping the body healthy by seeking out natural practitioners as much as possible? Regular care with massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy medicine, and other therapies keep the body working well.

Are you involved in healthy and loving relationships? Are you seeking ways to heal and limit the negativity of certain relationships? It can be helpful to do inner work such as journaling or mediation when you are wanting to heal issues with relationships. Authors such as Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Louise Hay can be a great reference.

Similar to relationships, are you working in a healthy environment? Does your work support you in fulfilling your life purpose? Do you feel tense or agitated when you think about work? Or do you feel that your line of work makes a difference? Seek ways to enjoy your job and feel contentment. If issues arise, meet them head on with tact and clarity. Be authentic and true to yourself. 

Do you over schedule yourself or your family members? Are you running around ragged to different events and meetings? Pare down the schedule to a more manageable pace. If you’re dreading your activities, it is creating stress. Only do the things you love.

Sacred Area
Clearing the clutter in the major areas of your life will create this wonderful and peaceful sense of calm. If you have the space, create a sacred area for a daily meditation practice. It can be a simple floor pillow with incense or candles. Make this an area that can’t be used for other things. This should simply be a place you can meditate and reflect. 

Start the new year with a renewed sense of clam. Clear out the clutter in all of the major areas of your life. Calming your life down can reap big rewards down the road. 


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