Clean Eating 

Eating clean constitutes putting the purest and least processed foods into your body. It has become a way for people to shed excess pounds and regain their health and wellness. Clean eating is simple and effective, once you get the processed foods out of your diet.

The idea of the clean diet is to eat pure whole foods that aren’t prepackaged and processed. Shopping from the perimeter of the store is a must. Buy meat fresh from the butcher, go to the produce section and get fresh fruits and vegetables, and cook meals from scratch. Avoid the interior of the store where the boxed foods are contained, usually full of preservatives and chemicals. Look at the ingredient label and if you cannot pronounce the ingredients and don’t know what they are, don’t buy it. Find a cleaner version of the product you desire with fewer ingredients. 

Along with preservatives and chemicals, it is also best to avoid or limit sugar, especially white table sugar. Sugar is addictive and might take some time to wean off of. If you must satisfy your sweet tooth, add maple syrup or honey to your baking and cooking. Finding recipes and cookbooks which substitute maple syrup or honey for white table sugar is a simple internet search away. Also, eating a piece of fruit would be a better way of satisfying your sweet tooth.

Eating vegetables and a healthy protein at each meal should be the focus. Grocery stores are loaded with hundreds of different vegetables to choose from. Become adventurous and try a new vegetable each week. Ideas for protein/veggie meals: chicken breasts with a spinach salad, smoked salmon with garlic broccoli, or lean steak with mixed vegetables. Making meals from scratch need not be complicated but they will be very healthy! 

Two items that people find to be inflammatory and limit on a clean diet are grains, especially gluten containing ones, and dairy. Eating gluten free whole grains that aren’t processed such as millet and quinoa are better choices. Also, try to find dairy products that are organic and preservative/chemical free.

Juicing can become a great addition to a clean eating regimen. Avoid the juice already sold in grocery stores, it is not fresh and is loaded with sugar. Buy a high quality juicer that can juice any fruit or vegetable. Mixing a combination of veggies and fruits can yield a highly nutritious and tasty cup of juice.  

Kale Apple Carrot Juice Recipe:
1/2 bunch of kale
4-5 carrots
2-3 apples
Some ginger root, if you like spice.

And most importantly, make sure you drink enough water each day. The recommended formula is take your weight, divide it in half, and that number in ounces is what you should drink each day. Your bodily functions need water to function properly.

Eating clean is really very simple, but may take some time to get used to. Start small and take out one processed meal at a time. Feeling better as a result should be immediate. This will be a great incentive for you to clean out your whole diet.


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